Who Are We?

Uprising Xtracts began with one intention in mind – to make your life better.  Every member of our team knows kratom, loves kratom, and remains impacted by its experience daily.

We came to it as curious customers first..

whether it was to help manage pain, aid in workout recovery, or a general enhancement in our well-being. And since that first experience of relief and revitalization, we knew – the world must know about this.

Thus began the UPRISING.

  • All-Natural

    Kratom is an all-natural, organic leaf that interacts with receptors in the human brain that provides moderate relief to daily aches and pains, provides energy, and creates a sense of wellbeing.

  • Enhance Your Workouts

    People have taken it before exercise to help blunt nagging pain areas, provide a clean energy completely unique and unlike any preworkout, and even aid in endurance to keep that workout going and going.

  • Relax & Recover

    Customers have mentioned the greater the strength, the greater the relaxation properties, so using at home to rest and recover is yet another added benefit.

Our Mission is to provide a safe way to minimize pain and maximize productivity to the world so that people can achieve the best version of themselves.

Advocates First!

We have been advocates for Kratom long before we built our company.

As customers, we were always diligent in getting tested, potent, and safe kratom for ourselves and our loved ones.  It was through these trials and tribulations that we learned how this industry works, and more importantly how this industry should work.

There isn’t a product we represent or present to our customers without having full confidence that we could give this to our mothers, fathers, or spouses.  At Uprising Xtracts, we participate and work with the American Kratom Association, and continue to work towards the proper regulation of safe and effective kratom.